Photos on the Fence: Holocaust Survivors at the United Nations

This blog is written by Susan Landrum who lives in New York and it is called “Finding NYC”. It is a wonderful blog to follow because she deals primarily with art exhibitions and other artistic themes. This post is a little different. It shows the photographs of Holocaust survivors outside the United Nations building. Enjoy a wonderful set of photographs and try to remember who and what they represent.

Finding NYC

Last weekend I had the chance to go see a special installation displayed on the fence outside of the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan. The photos are one half of an exhibition memorializing the victims and survivors of the Holocaust titled Survivors, Victims and Perpetrators, and were taken by Italian photographer Luigi Toscano as part of the Lest We Forget project. (I haven’t yet had the opportunity to see the other half of the exhibit, which is located inside the Visitors’ Center.)

The photos are larger than life and intensely powerful. The survivors’ faces engage the viewers; both hope and sorrow are visible in their gazes. Each one is accompanied by a small card that gives each survivor’s name, place and date of birth, date and details of arrest and detention, and information about liberation. Some cards had additional heartbreaking details about what happened to other members of the…

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8 responses to “Photos on the Fence: Holocaust Survivors at the United Nations

    • My pleasure! There is getting to be quite a lot of anti-Semitism here in Europe with Jew s actually leaving France, I have been told, because of their fears for the future. It does people good to realise what the Holocaust was, and to make sure nothing like it ever occurs again. And they are exquisite photographs too !

  1. wesiks899

    Stunning indeed. Thank you John.

  2. A lot of emotion in their faces and what stories they tell.

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