An impossible Beatles Quiz (1….the Questions)

Hello there, sad children of the sixties!

I’d like to cheer you up with the first of a series of four Beatles quizzes. The questions all refer to albums, including “Sergeant Pepper” and those coming after that.  If you want to look up the answers and do it that way, then good for you, but you might enjoy the questions more if you tried to do them yourself without any help from the Internet. I have tried to make the questions doable, but clearly, one or two are meant to be difficult. Incidentally, the questions do not necessarily relate 100% to the illustrations, although the illustrations are meant to be a very large clue to the correct answers. On the other hand, the answer to Question 1 is not “A bald man with a tattooed head”

1       Who stands in front of me in my hour of darkness?             

2       Who will never walk down Lime Street any more?  

3       She came in through the bathroom window, but what was her protection?

4        She thought she was a cleaner,  but what was she really? And what was her polite name?

5        Who did the the all American bullet-headed Saxon mother’s son take with him when he went out tiger hunting with his elephant and  gun?

6       With whom does he spend his days in conversation?

7       What is happiness ?

8       Now, a question about the girl of his fancy. What was her surname, what did she call herself and what did everyone know her as? 

9       How many holes in Blackburn Lancashire?  

10    Who made a fool of everyone ? And why did we give her everything we owned?





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25 responses to “An impossible Beatles Quiz (1….the Questions)

  1. Total failure – so I must have been there

    • I think that it’s quite surprising that when we try and look back, we invariably remember very little, or at least I do. I was at school thorough the sixties and even with that, I can’t remember things such as where was our form room, or who the form teacher was.
      As for knowledge of the Beatles, all I can say is that I would have got exactly the same score in any quiz on the Rolling Stones.

  2. Joe

    Without searching and just the top of my head,..

    3 ) Silver Spoon I believe.

    9 ) 10,000 Holes I believe.

    I do have the The Savage Young Beatles album, recorded in Hamburg 1961 with Pete Best on drums,….if that means anything…..

    • I’m very impressed that you have such an unusual album, although if Pete Best was in it, it must have been a lot earlier than the songs in this quiz.
      10,000 holes is too many, but you’re quite right with a silver spoon. Well done!

  3. Wow, umm, that is a tough quiz.
    1. Mother Mary

    after that I’d have to go google all the answers.

    • Mother Mary is quite correct. As for the rest of the answers, well, I’ve found that googling can be quite a learning process,especially with song lyrics.
      How many songs have lyrics that I have mistaken, for example, although I was never as bad as…
      “I can see Deirdre now, Lorraine has gone”, or the one about “the Devil has a sideboard” in “Bohemian Rhapsody”

  4. Joe

    7 ) Warm Gun ?

    8 ) only because there is a photo of a raccoon,….Rocky Racoon..

    • Quite correct. It was a warm gun. Rocky Racoon was the song and Rocky Racoon, the man, was her boyfriend. She had three different names, revealed in the line, “Her name was ………….., she called herself ……… ‘though everyone knew her as …………………………”

  5. I’m a Beatles fan but I was almost a total failure in tackling these questions. I only attempted #1 (Mother Mary) and #6 (Jude is a guess).

    • No 1 is correct but Jude is not the name you want. I have spent fifty years thinking that that name was a person, but apparently it wasn’t, according to a website I found during my researches.

  6. Mother Marty (twice), Rosetta Martin, Rocky Raccoon, 10,00 holes, silver spoon.
    Tough indeed, I was a s Stones man myself.

    • Mother Mary is correct for Question #1, but not #7 if you mean that one. And the silver spoon is correct, and Rosetta Martin. Well done!
      I didn’t like the Stones a great deal at the time but I have come to like a lot of their 60s material, especially the ones about clouds and nervous breakdowns.

  7. Got me. I came up with lady Madonna for Q1 but that’s about it ! I am ashamed!

    • I’m afraid that Lady Madonna is a different song, unless my tablets have taken me over again.

      You should think of……….
      “When I find myself in times of trouble
      ……………………comes to me
      Speaking words of wisdom
      ……… ….. ……

      Lady Madonna is the person with “a baby at her breast, wonder how you manage to feed the rest?”

  8. Oh John. How to make an old bloke feel even older. Of course I got Rocky Racoon. You put that in for me. The girl in no ten wouldn’t be Long tall Sally – that would be too easy. And of course Mother Mary comes to me but at first I was confused by Leonard Cohen “Sisters of Mercy”. Knocked a few days of my allotted total.

  9. Chris Waller

    Right, here goes – with no artificial aids:- 1) Mother Mary 2) Dirty Maggie May 3) memory fails me 4) Sweet Loretta Modern 5) Bungalow Bill 6) Martha 7) A warm gun. 8) McGill, Lil, Nancy 9) 4,000 10) Sexy Sadie.

    I’m annoyed that I can’t recall the answer to No. 4.

  10. Chris Waller

    Addendum to No. 4 – ‘but she was another man’.

    • Well, you’ll see the correct answers on Tuesday, but you’ve done very well there, Chris,with at least seven marks. All those lovely evenings in the Granville were not completely wasted!

  11. Thank you for sharing!!.. I am afraid the only way I would be able to answer the questions is “google it”… However, I do remember the “British Invasion” when the Beatles made landfall here in the USA… 🙂 🙂

    Until we meet again..
    May your troubles be less
    Your blessings be more
    And nothing but happiness
    Come through your door
    (Irish Saying)

  12. That seems a very, very, long time ago, although it’s so very, very sad that a war raged back then, and a war is raging now.
    Why does nobody want to say,”Stop!! Let’s save lives! Let’s talk!” ?

  13. The questions were interesting 🙂 but I did not know the answers to any of them. I had heard of Beatles and read about them but I don’t think I listened to them.

    • Well, it’s a very long way from India to Liverpool! Having said that, three of the Beatles did display enormous interest in Indian spiritual beliefs and George Harrison became a genuine 100% convert.

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