Forgotten Aircraft: Avro Manchester

A wonderful in-depth look at Bomber Command’s precursor to the “Shining Sword”, the Avro Lancaster.

Defence of the Realm

Avro Manchester 2

A war winning aircraft isn’t just created out of the blue. There are experimental aircraft and even a few lemons first and Avro’s legendary Lancaster was no exception. It seems hard to believe it now given the place in history that the aircraft has secured for itself but the Lanc’s roots can be traced back to a twin-engined loser of an aircraft – the Avro Manchester. A brief glance at the Manchester and one can see that the Manchester and Lancaster are directly related bar of course the obvious exception of two engines in the older aircraft as opposed to four in the Lancaster.

The story of the Manchester (and therefore in a pseudo kind of way the Lancaster) actually begins with Rolls-Royce who in the mid-1930s were developing their Vulture engine. This was an interesting powerplant in that it had twenty four cylinders arranged in an X-formation as opposed…

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6 responses to “Forgotten Aircraft: Avro Manchester

  1. An interesting write up, a bit of a ‘dead horse’.leading to one of the worlds greatest aircraft!

  2. Pierre Lagacé

    Defence of the Realm’s articles are most informative.

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