Ignorance in America

If you are short of time, watch the rather scary video. If you have more time available, then read this powerful article which is about American politics, but could well apply increasingly to England. All ex-teachers should certainly read it!
This is a re-blog which means that I did not write it. It is the work of Frank Toritto. Leave a comment if you wish.


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.” The earth is 4004 years old and Neanderthals roamed with dinosaurs.”

“The wild winter in my state disproves global warming“

“The Constitution states that the official language of the United States is English”


“When did ignorance become a point of view?” the cartoon character Dilbert once asked.  It’s a question that has become increasingly resonant these days—especially in our public life, and especially in our political campaigns in which elected officials and those who seek election seem to assume a startling level of public ignorance. Perhaps that’s smart.”

Now there is a distinct difference between ignorance and just plain stupid.  Ignorance is, in common usage, a lack of knowledge. Stupidity is a mental dullness that indicates an inability to learn or a lack of interest in learning. One can be ignorant without being stupid although stupidity contributes to ignorance and sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.

In America, ignorance is…

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8 responses to “Ignorance in America

  1. Ignorance in America was written by an American. I don’t think the problem is unique to America or Americans. Our connected world allows ignorance to spread everywhere and at speeds heretofore unknown.

    And then, there is the concept, all too pervasive, that “my truth is as valid as your truth”. It seems some of our universities promote that. It also seems that there are those who live in “universes” quite distinct from ours where the same laws and rules don’t apply. There are also those who never let facts get in the way of truth and are quite proud of it. The pity is that these people have equal access to our current day means of communication and the time to spread their ideas and craziness. In our world of political correctness and multiculturalism, such ignorance is allowed to spread and infest our lives. Few are willing to speak up and be attacked by the ignorant.

    • I would not disagree with anything that you have said, particularly the idea that some groups do carry around with them their own crazy ideas and offensive ways of behaving and treating other people, yet our political correctness and desire not to offend prevents such groups being held up to close scrutiny. Thanks very much, by the way, for your interest and your contribution.

  2. Chris Waller

    It is disturbing when such as Donald Trump is even considered as a contender for the presidency. I used to be interested in British politics but I have now reached the point when I can raise little concern. It has become all about ‘spin’ and ‘presentation’, substance and principle being relegated to minor considerations. I continue to vote, even in parish council elections, but only because my parents and grand-parents fought wars ostensibly to preserve democracy. I feel a moral obligation to vote, but increasingly I wonder why I bother.

  3. Being on the Canadian Side here, at times I worry about our southern neighbors.

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