The Power of the Internet – More than a Framed Print

I have reblogged this post about the ground crew members of 403 Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force. The original was written by Pierre Lagacé, an expert on the exploits of our brave Canadian allies during World War Two.

RCAF No. 403 Squadron

Something I posted on this blog in 2014…

It was  about  a man called Robbie.

Mark White  wrote  it. 


Story written by Mark White who is contributing once more on this blog

My father George “Whitey” White was a Leading Aircraftsman, Airframe Mechanic, with RCAF 403 Squadron during the Second World War.

George White left

I’ve shared some of the pictures, stories and notes that I have about his “Crews” experiences during the war on this website. I’m fortunate to have some notes, a journal, some pictures and a few objects that I share freely with the readers here.


Many of the pictures have no caption and I have no idea who many of the men are. 

This is a picture of Robbie.

Robbie - Copy

The date and the location are unknown.                                                              

Robbie - Copy (12)


He is posing in this picture holding the case for my dad’s Kodak camera.

 Robbie - Copy (11)

Robbie is second…

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6 responses to “The Power of the Internet – More than a Framed Print

  1. Great. Pierre does some really good work on his blog.

  2. It was good to read the whole post and such good poems, they were like a mirror into that world. Regards

  3. You chose a remarkable post !!

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