Pokémon-Go, the Zombie Apocalypse and the C.I.A.

Another superb post from the Master. Wake up, ordinary people, wake up!!



Nothing can make you feel older than watching a bunch of adolescent teens wondering around the neighborhood staring at their phones looking for Pokemon-Go monsters.  I no longer fear the zombie apocalypse for I have seen it with my own eyes.  Empty headed dead brained children stumbling along into lakes and falling over ledges, curbs and tree stumps looking down intently at their $400 phones searching far and wide to capture Pokémon.

“Even if alternate reality location games were totally innocent there is something utterly revolting about celebrating the Pokémonization of the globe as the ultimate realization of the merged social and technological potential of modern life.”  But it is not totally innocent.

The smart phone technology is now ubiquitous (well not quite; I still have a flip phone!) and has been transformed into the ultimate weapon to (a) sell you shit and in a more sinister direction (b) to…

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14 responses to “Pokémon-Go, the Zombie Apocalypse and the C.I.A.

  1. Many thanks John! Regards from Florida.

    • My pleasure. I just hope one or two people wake up and see what these unelected control freaks are intent on doing to us. I also put it on Facebook, as it deserves a wide audience to see it.

  2. atcDave

    It is amazing to see so many people, including adults (!), wandering around staring at their phones.
    I guess many merchants, especially restaurants, are loving it because it increases traffic/business in so many locations. I even heard a pastor joking about how many people had gone to a church for the first time in a long time. The other day, my wife was playing around with it on her phone, which led to a discussion with a complete stranger trying to explain it all!

    So even if I’m not really interested in that silly little game, I can’t quite call it bad either!

  3. Thanks John. I went to his site and commented and now back to you – The trouble is no bloody ignorant school teachers are teaching Orwell’s 1984 or Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. I know because I’ve had stupid ignorant Headmasters asking me why I’m showing movies to my English class.

    • It’s scary how much books like 1984 are becoming reality. My own personal belief is that one day all of Monty Python will have come to pass, and then the universe will end.

  4. Why anyone would want to do it is beyond me! An open invitation to hand over your phone and personal details to anyone.

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