Cooper Hewitt Design Museum’s Interactive Experience

I did not write this blog post. It was written by Susan and is one of the most interesting blogs I follow. If you are too busy for all of it, just read the first section about interactive pens. It is really, really imaginative!!

Finding NYC


Although most people associate Smithsonian museums with Washington, DC, New York City is host to two very special Smithsonian museums: the National Museum of the American Indian, which we’ve previously explored here and here, and the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. Located in what was once the mansion of successful businessman Andrew Carnegie, Cooper Hewitt’s surroundings and ever-changing exhibitions are fascinating and inspiring.

What makes Cooper Hewitt particularly fun to visit is its interactive features. When visitors step up to the ticket counter, they are given an pen that holds all kinds of possibilities. As you tour the museum, you can “collect” information about individual exhibits that interest you. Each exhibit has a special symbol on the sign describing the exhibit and, by pressing your pen to that symbol, it saves that information in a digital file. You are given a unique identifier for your pen and visit…

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6 responses to “Cooper Hewitt Design Museum’s Interactive Experience

  1. Thanks for reposting this, John! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. It’s fascinating how technology has ‘enhanced’ our experiences. From QR codes to pens that create out own bank of articles. In school we have a much more basic pen system that works in a similar way, used primarily for non-English speaking children that proves a link between the two languages. Thanks for sharing the link John.

  3. Fascinating, thank you for sharing, I liked that pen:)

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