Another impossible Beatles Quiz (2….the Questions)

Hello there again, sad children of the sixties! I’d like to cheer you up with the second of a series of four Beatles quizzes. The questions all refer to albums, including “Sergeant Pepper” and afterwards. If you want to look up the answers and do it that way, then good for you, but you might enjoy the questions more if you tried to do them yourself without any help from the Internet. I have tried to make the questions doable, but clearly, one or two are meant to be difficult. Incidentally, the questions do not necessarily relate to the illustrations, although sometimes the illustrations are a very large clue.

1     Who had a silver hammer?

2     And the most difficult question of the lot, who always arrived late for tea? Mind you, the answer is staring you in the face!

3     Which fairground attraction gives its name to a Beatles song?

4     What is the name of the lovely meter maid?

5      What were any of the people doing in “Penny Lane?

6      She was a working girl, north of England way. But what happened to her?

7      What had the crabalocker fishwife pornographic priestess done to be such a naughty girl ?

8     Who had a barrow in the market place and what did Molly do?

9     Which two other colours occur on the cover of “Yellow Submarine” as well as yellow?

10   Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly. Who is it?



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19 responses to “Another impossible Beatles Quiz (2….the Questions)

  1. 1. Maxwell
    2. Duchess of Kirkcaldy – thanks for giving us that one
    3 Helter Skelter
    4. Rita
    5. Cleaning their fire engine
    7. Let her knickers down
    8. Desmond. Sang
    10 Lucy

    • 10/10, Derrick, well done!
      I only found that No 2 was the Duchess of Kirkcaldy quite recently. For a long time I had been unable to work out what was being said in this song, so I looked up the lyrics and found out the lady’s name.
      I did know, however, that Lennon was attempting to create his own nursery rhyme at this point, based on “Sing a Song of Sixpence”.

  2. Chris Waller

    Here goes, with no artificial aids or safety net:- 1) Maxwell 2) memory fails me 3) Helter skelter 4) Rita 5) A barber was showing photographs 6) She hit the big time, now she’s in the USA 7) Let her knickers down 8) Desmond, Molly was the singer in a band 9) Blue and, I think, red. 10) The girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

  3. This easier than the first one. I have all the albums…

    1. Maxwell
    2. Duchess of Kirkaldy
    3 Helter Skelter
    4. Rita
    5.Keeping his Engine clean
    6. Hits the Big Time in USA
    7. Took her knickers down (one of their weirdest)
    8. Desmond. Singer in the Band
    9. Blue and Red
    10 Lucy

    • 10/10 ! Well done!! The song was one of their weirdest……
      “John Lennon received a letter from a pupil at Quarry Bank High School, which he had attended. The writer mentioned that the English master was making his class analyse Beatles’ lyrics. Lennon, amused that a teacher was putting so much effort into understanding the Beatles’ lyrics, decided to write in his next song the most confusing lyrics that he could.”
      That next song was “I am a Walrus”.

  4. Love these questions. I’d have to look up the answers, except for Rita, I’m sure #4 is Rita.

    • Absolutely correct! Opinions differ as to why she was called Rita. When asked why he had called her “Rita”, Paul McCartney replied, “Well, she looked like a Rita to me”.
      The woman who gave him the ticket that inspired the song was called “Meta Davis”. She recalled how in 1967 she was writing out a ticket for McCartney’s car parked near Abbey Road, where the Beatles had studios, when the songwriter walked up.
      “He saw that my name was Meta and he laughed and said, ‘That would make a nice jingle. I could use that,” she was quoted as saying.

  5. I could hear them all in my head but for the life of me I couldn’t get any of them except Lucy.

    • Did you get any points in Quiz 1, because Lucy may be an improvement with a single point scored !
      I keep forgetting that just because I am nuts about middle to late Beatles, it doesn’t mean that everybody is. I can remember my mother saying at the time “This lot is just a temporary fashion and then we’ll go straight back to the Andrews Sisters”.

      • No I didn’t, but I was in the car with my youngest daughter (25) and for some reason I started singing the BeeGees New York Mining disaster and she looked it up and played it. She was very impressed that I knew something like that.

  6. I faired only slightly better in this one John. I got helter Skelter and Duchess of Kirkcaldy (but to be fair I only got them from the pictures!). Even after looking up the answers I couldn’t work some of them out! Another miserable fail I guess! Incidentally I did see that a copy of Sgt Pepper went for £191,000 at auction! Now where’s that copy…

    • It’s horses for courses! There’ll be some artist out there that you know a lot more about than I do. I picked the Beatles because they are the group that most people are likely to be familiar with.
      My area of ignorance is any music after about 1995. I don’t even know their names. let alone the lyrics they have.

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