What would you do ? (16) The Solution

“What would you do ?” used to figure on the cover of a boys’ comic called “Boys’ World”. This was a publication, obviously, aimed at boys and first appeared on January 26th 1963. There were 89 issues before the comic was merged with Eagle in 1964. The last issue of “Boys’ World” came out on October 3rd 1964.

I used to buy “Boys’ World”, and this was mainly for the front cover which always featured a kind of puzzle. It was called “What would you do ?” and was based on somebody being in what Ned Flanders would call “A dilly of a pickle”. Here’s the situation:

And here’s the blue box:

And the correct solution given on page 2 of the comic is:

If you can’t quite read it, it boils down to not walking across the bridge, but easing oneself gently down and lying full length on the central rope. This will distribute his weight much more evenly than through two boots. Then, he inches himself back the way he came, because he knows that the rope there is probably of a better standard. This way, he may reach the bank before the bridge gives up the ghost. If he doesn’t he will stand more chance of swinging or climbing to safety than if he had continued across the rotting rope.

Why didn’t I think of that?



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21 responses to “What would you do ? (16) The Solution

  1. I’d have been too paralysed

  2. Chris Waller

    I can see the logic but it would require a certain presence of mind which I doubt I could muster in those circumstances.

  3. GP

    Weight displacement – of course! 🙄👍

  4. I’ve been looking forward to the solution, John. I even told my husband about this riddle and he was stumped too. But of course …. weight displacement. Brilliant!!

  5. Simple when you think about it!

  6. A sensible approach indeed. I only hope the bridge doesn’t break after that but I suppose the chance of it happening is reduced.

    • Let’s hope so. In my opinion, this is one of the weaker solutions to the dilemna. I just don’t think it’s likely to work, although, granted, by going back the way you have come, you do increase your chances of survival.

  7. I wonder if these solutions were tested for validity.

  8. oh, well, if you want to do it the easy way … still I would have just used my rocket pack … 😉

  9. People of a different calibre😊

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