Have You Heard the News?

Forget the cricket and the DUP, cheer yourself up for Christmas!

Re-blogged, incidentally, from “A trivial mind at work” by Dennis Wagoner.

A Trivial Mind At Work

If you were watching the news this week you may have missed these headlines from the past few days:

  • Waffle House customer cooks own food while worker sleeps (the customer left himself a generous tip for the delicious meal)
  • Squirrel vandalizes New Jersey city’s Christmas lights
  • ‘Drunk’ opossum found in Florida liquor store (policeman reports that opossum was ‘drunk as a skunk’)
  • Grenade found in box of donations at California Goodwill
  • Musician uses car’s windshield wipers to play violin
  • Police recover stuffed zebra head after caught-on-camera burglary (why would one have a zebra head? why would one steal a zebra head?)
  • US Government Shuts Down Flat-Earther’s Rocket Launch (the only thing Flat-Earthers have to fear is sphere itself)

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15 responses to “Have You Heard the News?

  1. Dear Sir, how is your hand ? How are you managing ? Take care.

  2. Cricket not so bad right now but being a pessimist I guess I will wake up tomorrow to another England defeat.
    As for BREXIT – what a dog’s dinner. The DUP said that they wouldn’t support it, dozy Theresa proposes it anyway and then gets a bloody nose. How can we possibly have confidence in this Government!

    • I noticed recently that the BBC were trying to educate young people in how to spot “fake news”. Their stories should have included “England cricketers do themselves justice”, “Southgate’s men now in semi-final”, “Parliament delivers the decision of the people without problem”, “We will not be sour and vindictive say EC negotiators”. Perhaps we should only be given fake news!

  3. atcDave

    oh that Scrooge squirrel! Obviously a heart three sizes too small…

  4. This was a real tonic on an otherwise gloomy morning. 🙂

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