Diversity Trip – McLeod Gunj

This is how Prasna Velcheru spent her December 25th. This post is perhaps a bit long to read in full, but it is absolutely magical just to look at her photographs and to see the sights on offer. You will need to click on

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to look at the entire post but it really is worth it…. a world that, sadly, may be on the edge of disappearing.


From Jammu we reached Pathankot and from there took a bus to Dharamshala. More than 10 hours for 230 kms, the State Government should do something to improve the public transport.

Reached McLeod Gunj at around midnight – surprised to see some shops and restaurants open – checked into the hotel and called it a day.

Woke up to the view of the Dauladhar range and to the chirping of birds.

A warm tea is all I need to start my day.

I had listed out around 10-12 placesthings to do but once we were out on the streets I didn’t feel like working on my checklist. Dropped everything and went with the flow – which included again a pot of ginger tea and brunch – had a toast and pancakes for almost almost 2 hrs. Tibetan culture was getting onto me and I was enjoying it. One other reason could also…

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10 responses to “Diversity Trip – McLeod Gunj

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this post. We wish you and your family a very happy New Year 😊 Regards, Lakshmi

  2. What a way to spend Christmas. A beautiful country.

  3. Thanks for the link John. I didn’t find it too long, I always think somewhere between 800 to 1000 words is just about right. What I am never sure about is the perfect balance between text and pictures. Too many pictures that break up the text I find distracting. What do you think?
    The Peak District is a wonderful place but sadly overcrowded, just head north to Northumberland for some lonely scenery. As I get older I get to appreciate England a lot more!
    Having said that – Happy New Year, I am off to Spain!

    • I think that 1,000 words is the top limit for me, because I know that a lot of people read what I have written on the bus on a mobile phone etc so they can’t cope with long documents. That is why I have started splitting longer blog posts into four or five and then expanding each one of those a little bit. You can have too many photos, but with me, for aircraft especially, in many cases I haven’t got that many anyway. For reasons best known to their sex, neither my wife nor my daughter will tolerate 30 minutes with me taking pictures of pre-war Italian fighter aircraft.

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