What would you do ? (1) The Solution

Here’s the emergency from last time:

And here’s the situation:

The canoe’s occupants were threatened with a capsize. There were more crocodiles in the water, there was no time to use the rifle and there was a clear need to act fast.

And page 2 says that the solution is:

“The expert hunters have an immediate answer. They cover the crocodile’s eyes. Immediately the monster stops threshing. When a crocodile cannot see, it becomes docile. And then the net can be put round its body to prevent it escaping.”

And that solution is absolutely right. My Dad had a pet blind crocodile for years and he never ate anybody. Well, not completely anyway. And the crocodile was even better behaved.

And finally, always have something big enough to wrap round a big crocodile if you come across one:




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20 responses to “What would you do ? (1) The Solution

  1. Still like to know the name off the arsehole who put me in that situation.

  2. Of course – I forgot all about that. I kept concentrating on the fact that they have no jaw muscles to open their mouths, so I was trying to figure out how to close it, like with that net or stun the heck out of him. I was going to attempt to turn him over, they like bell rubs.

  3. I’ll remember that in case of necessity

    • You never know, Derrick. Global warming, and one day the Isle of Wight ferry comes under sustained crocodile attack. “Don’t be scared!” you shout, “Just cover their eyes, and they are powerless. I am Crocodile Derrick and I know about these things. I read about them on an internet blog post”.

  4. I didn’t know that valuable bit of info, John. Hope I never have to use it.

  5. Never would I have guessed right. I never knew about a croc’s eyes. Now how do I use this information in my life I don’t know but I feel educated anyway. Thank you, John!!

    • I must admit, Amy, in a crocodile free country like England, it hasn’t been a great deal of practical use to me either.
      If only we’d kept the British Empire! I might be sitting now at a table in deepest darkest Africa, in a house surrounded by hordes of crocodiles, furiously cutting up old blankets to make shades for their eyes.

  6. That is rather like the play dead advice if attacked by a bear!

    • I know what you mean, but if you ever read “Bear Attacks: Their Causes and Avoidance” by Stephen Herrero ( a really scary book!) you realise that playing dead is just about your only defence. I wonder if a bear could beat a crocodile…….

  7. Chris Waller.

    Cover the crocodile’s eyes? Volunteers for that job might be a little thin on the ground.

    • Quite possibly ! I wonder if there would be a larger or a smaller number of volunteers for that job, rather than the ones ready to put a stick in its mouth to jam the jaws open.

  8. Well I never! What an interesting fact and a very useful one too. Next time I’m in the jungle faced with s mad croc, I’ll know what to do.

    • Actually, there is supposedly a healthy population of African crocodiles in the swamps of Florida, after tornadoes released them from their zoo. And all three great apes are out there too (four of them with Bigfoot). You should be all right, though, in the east of England.

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