What would you do ? (3) The Solution

Here’s the emergency from last time:

And here’s the situation:

“…… the firemen are thirty feet from the base of the main front wall of “Wobbling Heights”, set on fire by a mysterious arsonist. The ten storey building will cover around one hundred and sixty feet when it falls. What will they do?”

And page 2 says that the solution is:

“The firemen ran straight towards the base of the building. They reasoned that the lowest part of the wall might stand intact. They were right. The façade  cracked eight feet from the base of the building against which they were flattened. And, as the crumbling masonry fell outward, they were unharmed.”

Well, I didn’t get anywhere near that solution. I just thought to run sideways would do the job. Silly me.

This fire was in Sao Paulo, and, because nobody stood anywhere near it, nobody was injured.


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4 responses to “What would you do ? (3) The Solution

  1. I would run sideways too and as fast as I could go. Otherwise, I would be surrounded by flames as the upper wall fell outwards.

    • Well done! I realise now that I should have done this as a set number of dangerous situations ,perhaps ten, and then we could have seen who lasted the longest. Sadly, the crocodile got me in #1 !

  2. The natural instinct would, I suppose, be to run away not toward a burning building!

    • Yes, it would, but I still think that running sideways is something to look at. I’ve watched my fair share of horror films and the sure way to get caught is to run off straight down the road where you will be easy meat for the drug crazed psychopath, the motor cycle gang or ant number of werewolves. If you run sideways there will be any number of trees and bushes to hide behind.

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