What would you do ? (11) The Puzzle

I’m sure that you all remember the feature called “What would you do ?”. It used to appear on the cover of a boys’ comic called “Boys’ World”. This was a publication, obviously, aimed at boys and it ran from January 26th 1963 to  October 3rd 1964 when “Eagle”, itself not in the best of financial health, merged with it. The last issue of “Boys’ World” was No 89, and any of its fans left by then would have struggled to find any trace of their favourite comic in Eagle:

I used to buy “Boys’ World”, and this was mainly for the front cover which always featured a kind of puzzle. It was called “What would you do ?” and was based on somebody being in what Ned Flanders would call “A dilly of a pickle”. Let’s take a look:

And here’s the situation, according to the blue box:

“I’m sinking and I can’t get out!”

That is the first terrifying thought in this flier’s mind. He ha escaped from his blazing plane, only to find that the ‘lake’ he has plunged into, is really a swamp. Slowly, he is being sucked deeper and deeper…within minutes, he will be completely covered. What can he do?

Here’s the Blue Box, just to prove that I’m not making all this up:

The blue box sets the scene, and the task is for you to solve the situation. Perhaps you might like to write your idea in the “Comments” section.

So…..it’s one “Dilly of a pickle”.  Sinking into the swamp. Sucked down deeper and deeper.. Only minutes left.

What can  he do??

And don’t cheat by asking an expert!


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25 responses to “What would you do ? (11) The Puzzle

  1. Take the jacket and shirt off and lie it on the surface and try and use it as a float. That cable might be useful if it can be attached to something and can be used to pull him clear.

  2. I’m sure Andrew has a good idea about the float. My thought was to lasso something with the cable. Perhaps both ploys would work together

  3. Pierre Lagacé

    I have no idea John, but I spotted a typo…

  4. GP

    I believe Andrew might be correct. Trying to float might be best.

  5. I also think the idea would be to float. But I actually wanted to give you a gift.

    Think of one thing that has to do with plywood and aeroplanes.

  6. Pierre Lagacé

    I will try this John.
    Keep calm and wait for the plane to burn until the top wing felt off and climb on it.

    • I’m afraid that that isn’t the answer, Pierre, but, as with one or two other solutions recently, I don’t think that their solution would necessarily work very well. My own suggestion, therefore, does involve the wing, but not necessarily in exactly the same way as you have suggested.

  7. Pierre Lagacé

    I will follow this thread…

  8. Swim. You can’t walk through that kind of mud – drop on to your belly or back with arms and legs spread out. Either swim/crawl out. Basically, get off your feet and lay flat to spread your weight across a larger surface of the mud. If you could get near a tree you might be able to get some brush to help make a float of some kind.

  9. Stay still as movement tends to exacerbate the suction. Taking a jacket off and filling it with air might buy some time providing buoyancy.

  10. Chris Waller

    I believe that the advice in this sort of situation is to lie flat on the surface and move as little as possible. That requires a degree of presence of mind which I doubt I could muster in those circumstances. I can see that the cable and headphones might come in handy if he could throw the headphones and hook them over something like a branch.

    • I think you’re pretty well on the way to getting out of this rather difficult situation, Chris. The answer will be published on Saturday, and you will definitely be in the running for one of our prizes, a magnificent Havana cigar.

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